Country Research and Analysis


In addition to ISA's standard reports and forecasts (such as ISA Country Reports), ISA also develops customized market and economic reports and forecasts for clients seeking addition information and analysis not covered by ISA's standard products.


ISA's customized research and analysis is designed by our clients and the research and analysis is conducted by ISA's analysts and research professionals.

Customized research and analysis can include:

  • economic forecasts
  • country analysis and intelligence
  • industry analysis
  • economic and demographic data and information

Example of a recent project

ISA provided UEFA (Football’s governing body in Europe) with detailed economic, political and sports infrastructure benchmarking for all of the countries bidding to host the European Football Championships in 2008, 2012 and 2016.  ISA’s host benchmarking was utilized by all of the voters that selected the hosts of each of these tournaments.

Added value for our clients