International Market Studies


ISA offers companies the opportunity to utilize ISA's vast expertise in international market research and analysis for projects of the client's choosing. These projects can be developed by the client or together with ISA in order to meet the specific needs and wishes of the client.


ISA provides customized international research and analysis projects designed to meet the specific information requests of our clients.

This research and analysis can include:

  • market potential studies
  • economic outlooks
  • competitive assessments
  • industry or sector outlooks
  • market research projects

Example of a recent project

ISA conducted research on 57 international markets to assess the opportunities for the National Basketball Association (NBA) to expand their licensing activities in each market and to effectively negotiate its media contracts in each market.  This study utilized advanced metrics and detailed market forecasting to determine which markets offered the greatest opportunities for growth for the NBA outside of its home market in North America.    

Added value for our clients