ISA On-Site Services


ISA On-Site Services are designed to bring the expertise of ISA's leading analysts and experts directly to your office or corporate event.  With ISA On-Site Services, you determine the location, the forum and the topics to be presented to you by ISA.


There are a number of options that you can choose when selecting ISA On-Site Services.  These include: 

  • Having ISA present the latest Global Economic and Research Outlook to your organization, at your business planning meetings or at a corporate event
  • Having ISA create a customized presentation that includes the issues, topics and markets of your choosing
  • Having ISA present the results of a customized research project designed by you and dealing with the issues impacting your organization's international activities

Recent ISA On-Site Presentations

Among the presentations made to ISA clients at their offices or events in recent months include: 

  • The ISA Global Economic and Risk Outlook
  • The Outlook for China and India
  • International Risk Factors for the Automotive Industry
  • The Impact of Emerging Markets on the Chemical Industry
  • An Economic and Political Overview of 110 International Markets

Benefits of ISA On-Site Services

With ISA On-Site Services, your entire organization can benefit from having direct access to ISA's leading experts and analysts.  For example, your organization will have the ability to have an unlimited question-and-answer session with ISA experts and analysts, allowing them to tap into ISA's vast knowledge of international markets.  In addition, your organization can easily integrate ISA On-Line Services into pre-existing events or meetings within your organization.

How to Provide ISA On-Site Services for Your Organization

To organize ISA On-Site Services for your organization, contact us today.  Simply provide is with the timing, location and topics for the presentation you would like to set up with ISA, and we will send you a proposal for this presentation.