How to Order ISA Reports and Forecasts

ISA (International Strategic Analysis) provides international reports, forecasts and customized research for many of the world's leading businesses, governments and universities.  This includes detailed economic forecasts, risk analysis and market insights for more than 190 countries around the world.

Whether you are deciding which country in Southeast Asia will be the best location for a new production facility or which city in Sub-Saharan Africa will be the ideal site for your new regional headquarters, ISA can provide you will all of the information and analysis you need to make strategic decisions in international markets.  

Three Ways to Order ISA Reports and Forecasts

Your organization can order ISA's reports and forecasts covering more than 190 countries in three ways:

  • You can order Regional Reports Packages that include all of the reports and forecasts for eight individual regions (such as South America) from the Online Store on the ISA website.
  • You can set up a Comprehensive ISA Subscription for your entire organization that includes unlimited access to all of ISA's international reports and forecasts at a major discount off of the standard price of ISA's reports and forecasts.  You can learn more about this option on the Comprehensive ISA Subscription page on the ISA website.

Contact ISA

If you have any questions regarding how to order ISA's reports and forecasts, let us know.  We would love to have the opportunity to show you why so many of the world's most successful companies, governments and universities subscribe to ISA's reports and forecasts and trust us to provide them with the most accurate and insightful analysis of international markets.