Monthly ISA Subscriptions

With a Monthly ISA Subscription, you have the opportunity to subscribe to the complete range of ISA's reports, forecasts, newsletters and alerts on a monthly basis, with the ability to cancel your subscription at any time at no extra costs.


When you sign up for a Monthly ISA Subscription, you have three subscription options

  • The Individual Monthly ISA Subscription for just $55 per month
  • The Small Business Monthly ISA Subscription (2 to 9 users) for just $95 per month
  • The Corporate Monthly ISA Subscription (10+ users) for just $175 per month


To subscribe to one of these Monthly ISA Subscription options, simply click on the button below.  You will be taken to the ISA Online Store to complete your order.



Monthly ISA Subscriptions Include:

  • 120 ISA Country Reports
  • 8 ISA Region Reports
  • Economic Forecasts for 185 countries
  • Risk Forecasts for 185 countries
  • Continuous updates to all reports and forecasts
  • The weekly ISA Global Update newsletter
  • All ISA News Updates
  • 24x7 ISA Risk Alerts
  • The ISA Global Economic and Risk Outlook
  • All Special Topic Reports
  • A customized ISA webpage
  • Login/Password or IP authentication access
  • Access to ISA analysts and experts