Regional Report Packages

Regional Report Packages from ISA (International Strategic Analysis) give  you the chance to save more than 50% when you order all of the ISA reports and forecasts for one of eight individual regions.  With an ISA Regional Report Package, you will receive all of the ISA Country Reports, ISA Risk Forecasts and ISA Economic Forecasts for that region, as well as the corresponding ISA Region Report.  

To order one or more ISA Regional Report Package, simply go to the ISA Online Store, where you can order one or more of the eight ISA Regional Report Packages that are currently available.

The Eight ISA Regional Report Packages

ISA Regional Report Packages are available for eight individual regions: 

  • Central and South Asia (includes 11 ISA Country Reports)
  • Central and East Europe (includes 17 ISA Country Reports)
  • East Asia and Pacific (includes 14 ISA Country Reports) 
  • Middle East and North Africa (includes 18 ISA Country Reports)
  • North America (includes 11 ISA Country Reports)
  • South America (includes 10 ISA Country Reports)
  • Sub-Saharan Africa (includes 19 ISA Country Reports)
  • West Europe (includes 17 ISA Country Reports)