The Comprehensive ISA Subscription

ISA offers your organization the opportunity to subscribe to the complete range of ISA’s reports and forecasts through the Comprehensive ISA Subscription.  With the Comprehensive ISA Subscription, you and your entire organization have access to the latest and most insightful information and analysis on international markets all around the world.  A Comprehensive ISA Subscription includes:

  • All 120 ISA Country Reports
  • All 8 ISA Region Reports
  • ISA Economic Forecasts for 190 countries
  • ISA Risk Forecasts for 190 countries
  • The weekly ISA Global Update newsletter
  • All ISA Research Briefs
  • All ISA Risk Alerts
  • The ISA Commodity Price Forecast
  • Access to ISA analysts and experts

Each of these reports and forecasts is updated continuously, with a new version of each report and forecast being released each month.  Furthermore, a Comprehensive ISA Subscription is valid for your entire organization, so there is no limit on the number of users within your organization.

The Trusted Source for International Market Intelligence

Many of the world's leading businesses, financial institutions, governments and universities subscribe to ISA's international reports and forecasts through a Comprehensive ISA Subscription.  Moreover, nearly all of our subscribers continuously renew their Comprehensive ISA Subscription year after year due to the fact that ISA's research and analysis has become a vital part of their international business planning activities.

A Comprehensive ISA Subscription allows our clients to save time and money by providing a single centralized source of economic data, market research, risk analysis, and market forecasts for more than 190 countries around the world.

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    $ 1,999
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    $ 3,499