• 22 June 2017

    Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis Economies

    While economic confidence levels are slowly on the rise, the fact remains that the global economy is growing at a significantly slower pace today than in the years before 2008’s financial crisis, despite the fact that emerging...Read more

  • 19 June 2017

    Iraq and Syria After the Islamic State

    While the war against the Islamic State (IS) militant group continues in Iraq and Syria, the conflict has entered a stage where both countries can begin considering their futures after the Islamic State has been defeated. ...Read more

  • 14 June 2017

    Some Emerging Markets Begin to Recover

    The past few years have been very difficult for many of the world’s emerging markets as the high economic growth rates from previous years came to a crashing halt for what had been important high-growth markets for the global...Read more

  • 12 June 2017

    The Impact of the British and French Elections

    Over the past few days, two pivotal elections that will decide the future of Europe took place in the United Kingdom and France.  In one election, a government that had been expected to strengthen its grip on power instead...Read more

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