The Benefits and Added-Value From Using ISA

ISA’s reports, forecasts and customized research provide a range of benefits and added-value for our subscribers.  Not only does ISA provide in-depth and up-to-the-minute analysis, data and forecasts for nearly 200 countries around the world, but we also provide the tools that are used by our subscribers to understand how each of these countries will look in the future, both near-term and long-term.

ISA’s reports, forecasts and customized research are used by thousands of subscribers around the world to help them make business decisions in international markets.


Businesses subscribe to ISA to:

  • Develop strategies for selling goods and services in international markets
  • Compare potential sites for offices, manufacturing facilities and logistics operations
  • Assess opportunities and risks in these markets
  • Formulate global business plans


Governments subscribe to ISA to:

  • Identify sources of foreign investment
  • Assess export markets for local businesses
  • Analyze opportunities and risks resulting from international trends and developments


Universities subscribe to ISA to:

  • Utilize our reports and forecasts to support coursework dealing with international markets
  • Allow access to ISA reports and forecasts for all faculty, staff and students
  • Support research initiatives undertaken by the university


ISA provides a wealth of benefits and added-value to its subscribers.  These include:

  • A single-source of global business, economic and political information and analysis
  • Major savings in terms of time and costs associated with such global research and analysis
  • An unbiased, third-party view of the world
  • A truly global outlook that is focused on all countries and regions around the world
  • Timely and insightful coverage of all key international events and developments
  • Clear analysis of the opportunities and risks presented by international markets