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Reports and Forecasts

ISA publishes a range of reports and forecasts covering more than 200 international markets.  From Country Reports to Economic Forecasts, ISA’s reports and forecasts set the standard for providing you with information, analysis and data on international markets.

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Subscription Services

ISA’s complete range of reports, forecasts and international research is available to organizations and individuals through a number of subscription options.  These include subscriptions for an entire organization or just a single user.

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Advisory Services

ISA provides a wide range of advisory services for clients interesting in learning more about the international markets in which they operate, or hope to expand.  From customized research projects to on-site seminars, ISA can help your business succeed on a global basis.

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A World Leader in Country Intelligence, Economic Forecasting and International Market Analysis

ISA (International Strategic Analysis) is a world leader in the fields of country intelligence, economic forecasting and international market analysis.  Today, ISA is delivering world-class international research and analysis to many of the world’s largest companies, financial institutions, government bodies and universities, providing these organizations with the information and insights needed to make key decisions regarding international markets. 

ISA’s research covers all corners of the globe and is utilized by clients in more than 150 countries, clients that have come to trust ISA for its ability to accurately foresee the key economic, business and political issues and trends that will influence their performance in international markets.

Recent Research Highlights from ISA

A Look Ahead to the 2024 US Presidential Election
6 February 2024

With less than ten months to go before the 2024 presidential election in the United States, there is still much that can happen that can turn this election on its head. That said, it is worth investigating where the candidates...Read more

The 2024 ISA Global Economic and Risk Outlook
5 February 2024

The 2024 ISA Global Economic and Risk Outlook will soon be available as a keynote speech for conferences, events, business meetings and more. This sought-after presentation covers the economic, business and geopolitical outlooks...Read more

February 2024 Report and Forecast Updates
1 February 2024

ISA has released all of its February 2024 updates for its monthly reports and forecasts. The February 2024 updated editions of the following reports and forecasts from ISA are now available: All ISA Country ReportsAll ISA...Read more

Labor Shortages are Here to Stay
29 January 2024

It is not hard to notice that more and more businesses across the world are struggling to find workers. Many businesses have been forced to reduce their operating hours due to staff shortages, while service levels are being...Read more