A World Leader in Country Intelligence, Economic Forecasting and International Market Analysis

ISA (International Strategic Analysis) is a world leader in the fields of country intelligence, economic forecasting and international market analysis.  Since its founding in 2003, ISA has been delivering world-class international research and analysis to many of the world’s largest companies, financial institutions, government bodies and universities, providing these organizations with the information and insights needed to make key decisions regarding international markets. 

ISA’s research covers all corners of the globe and is utilized by clients in more than 150 countries, clients that have come to trust ISA for its ability to accurately predict the economic, business and political issues and trends that are driving change in international markets.

ISA Clients

ISA products and services are designed to enable our clients to have the best tools and resources at their disposal when making strategic decisions, or researching international markets and industries. Moreover, we aim to save our clients time and money by providing these products and services in a fraction of the time or cost it would take to produce similar work, or develop similar expertise.

Our clients include:

  • multinational enterprises
  • enterprises seeking to expand their operations to new markets
  • educational institutions
  • government organizations
  • research groups
  • international investors

What Makes ISA the Chosen Provider of Global Market Intelligence

ISA (International Strategic Analysis) has become the world's leading provider of country intelligence, economic forecasting and international market analysis due to our well-deserved reputation for:

  • Accuracy in our economic and political forecasting
  • Global coverage
  • Independent and objective analysis
  • Ease-of-use for all ISA reports and forecasts
  • Up-to-date and insightful coverage of international issues and trends
  • Value-for-money for all ISA publications and research

To learn more about ISA’s products and services, visit the specific publication and research area pages found on this website.

ISA's Range of Publications, Subscriptions and Advisory Services

ISA aims to provide its clients with the most accurate and useful information and data on international markets and to become the leading and most-trusted source of international intelligence for organizations all around the world.  ISA provides:

  • Country intelligence publications covering more than 200 international markets
  • Customized research and advisory services

ISA’s country intelligence products include such best-selling publications as ISA Country Reports and ISA Risk Forecasts and are available to our clients through subscriptions to individual reports and forecasts or through comprehensive subscriptions that include all ISA publications.  

Meanwhile, ISA’s customized research and advisory services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients and include research projects determined by our clients, presentations to our clients and direct consulting services.