ISA Advisory Services

ISA Advisory Services provide clients the ability to utilize ISA’s expertise directly for specific projects, tasks or studies. ISA Advisory Services are designed to provide personalized service that is both efficient and cost saving for our clients.

Our services are utilized by a wide variety of clients, from small enterprises looking to expand their coverage to new markets to large multinationals with a global presence. ISA Advisory Services cover a number of fields, including:  

  • Customized Research

    • Client-designed research projects
    • Third-party analysis of markets and risks for ISA clients
    • Tailored to the client's specific needs

  • Customized Newsletters

    • Monthly, quarterly or annual newsletters created for ISA clients
    • Newsletter coverage determined by ISA clients
    • Industry-specific newsletters
    • Market-specific newsletters

  • International Market Entry Support

    • Strategic planning for more than 200 international markets
    • Market potential assessments
    • Market risk assessments
    • Analysis of barriers to entry
    • Client and partner research

  • Economic Development Support

    • Support for national, state and local governments
    • FDI attraction support
    • Export promotion support
    • Competitive assessments

  • Site Selection Support

    • Location comparisons
    • Office and factory location planning
    • Event location planning

  • Speaking

    • Keynote speakers on economic and geopolitical issues
    • Speakers for industry or economic events
    • Speakers for business planning sessions
    • On-site seminars


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