ISA Advisory Services

ISA (International Strategic Analysis) provides customized research and advisory services for large organizations with extensive international operations to small businesses seeking to expand into international markets for the first time. These services are designed to provide our clients with a better understanding of the international markets in which they operate, or which they intend to expand.

ISA's Advisory Services provide clients the ability to utilize ISA’s expertise directly for specific projects, tasks or studies. ISA Advisory Services are designed to provide personalized service that is efficient, while allowing our clients to save both time and money.

Types of Advisory Services from ISA

Customized Research

ISA's customized research services are designed to allow our clients to design and create research projects that are carried out by ISA's team of international experts and analysts.  With these customized research services, our clients can determine the topics, markets and issues to be covered by ISA and to tailor the finished research project to meet their specific needs and interests.

Consulting Services

ISA provides consulting and advisory services that are designed to support the efforts of businesses and other organizations as they seek to maximize their opportunities, while minimizing their risks, in international markets.  Through this range of consulting services, ISA helps its clients to develop strategies to achieve these goals.

Types of Advisory Projects Done by ISA in Recent Years

Customized Newsletters

ISA has created monthly and quarterly customized newsletters for a number of large multinational businesses in recent years, covering the topics and the markets selected by these clients.

International Market Strategies

ISA has worked with a number of its clients in recent years to assist them in their development of strategies to expand their business in existing or new international markets.

Customized Databases

In recent years, ISA has been commissioned by major international organizations to compile statistical databases detailing the situation in international markets all around the world.


Many of ISA's clients request that ISA experts and analysts come to their business meeting or corporate event to present the outlook for the global economy and the latest situation in international markets.

Why is ISA the Chosen Provider of Advisory Services for the World's Leading Businesses?

  • ISA has a reputation for creating and compiling thorough and insightful customized research for markets all around the world.
  • ISA provides an unbiased view of the industries and markets in which our clients operate, allowing them to formulate strategies for their operations in international markets.
  • ISA has a proven track record of providing advisory services for many of the world's most successful multinational business.

Learn More

If you have a specific advisory services project in mind, or simply have an idea for a potential project, contact ISA today.  We will create a series of proposals for advisory services projects for you at no charge.  

To learn more, contact ISA at research(at)