Customized Research and Reports from ISA


Over the past two decades, ISA has provided many of the world's leading businesses and governments with customized research projects designed by our clients. Furthermore, we offer our clients the opportunity to have us make customized reports and forecasts designed by them, providing them with the specific information, data and analysis that they require for their operations in international markets.  

Project Examples


When McDonald's needed a neutral third-party assessment of the opportunities for growth, and the risks to their existing business, in their ten leading markets outside of the United States, they asked ISA to compile a quarterly report detailing the state of those markets and how international and domestic trends were impacting their business in each market.


When Anadarko Petroleum was considering the expansion of its oil and gas exploration projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, it contracted ISA to create a monthly report covering the political, economic and industry trends in the countries in which they were planning to operate in that region.  This report was instrumental in Anadarko's success in the Sub-Saharan African region.

Types of Customized Research Services Provided by ISA

Customized Reports

Customized reports by ISA are designed by the client, allowing the client to choose the market coverage, subjects, industries and other topics for these reports. This gives the client complete control over the finished product from ISA, ensuring that it meets their specific requirements.

Customized Newsletters

Like customized reports, customized newsletters from ISA are designed by our clients and cover the markets, topics and industries chosen by the client.  These customized newsletters are available on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Customized Data

ISA's clients have the option of having ISA compile the specific data and forecasts that they need to make decisions in international markets.  This covers a broad range of economic, industry-specific, market, demographic and other types of data for more than 200 markets around the world.

Customized Business Plans

Many of our clients ask us to provide them with customized reports and forecasts to support their business planning activities.  Such reports and forecasts can be added directly to a client's business plan, or used as supporting material for their business plans in international markets.

Why Choose ISA to Provide Customized Reports

  • ISA can provide you with the specific information and analysis you need to make informed decisions in international markets.
  • ISA is the chosen provider of customized research for many of the world's most successful corporations, organizations and governments.
  • Customized research from ISA allows you to obtain a neutral third-party view of the issues impacting your business and your industry in international markets.
  • You have complete control over your customized reports and forecasts from ISA, allowing you to make changes to the report whenever you need.

How to Have ISA Provide You With Customized Reports and Forecasts

If you would like ISA to create a customized report or forecasts for your organization, send us the details on what you would like us to provide.  We will create a series of proposals for customized reports and forecasts to you at no charge.  

To learn more, contact ISA at research(at)