Economic Development Services from ISA


ISA provides national, regional and local governments with a range of services that are designed to enhance their economic development planning and activities. This includes working with these governments to determine the best opportunities for them to attract business and investment to their area in order to improve their economic futures.

Economic Development Benefits

Business and Investment Attraction

ISA has worked with many government organizations to help them in their efforts to attract more business and investment.  This includes the development of strategic plans to attract business and investment as well as plans to improve a region's or a city's competitiveness.

Export Development

ISA has assisted many of the world's most successful exporting countries and regions to increase their export revenues and expand their export footprint by identifying growth markets for their exports and by developing strategies to promote exports to new markets.

Types of Economic Development Services

Benchmarking Studies

ISA provides a range of customized economic and business benchmarking studies for national, regional and local governments, helping them to understand their strengths and weaknesses in terms of competing for business and investment on a national or international basis.

Key Performance Indicators

ISA utilizes hundreds of key performance indicators to measure the true performance of a city or region in the areas of economic development, economic growth, business climate, job creation, environmental health and many other strategic areas.

Business and Industry Event Support

ISA has worked with many government organizations to develop or enhance their business, industry and economic development events.  This includes providing speakers and panelists for these events as well as promoting these events to ISA's clients and partners.

Customized Services

ISA provides customized research and advisory services for many government organizations.  These range from detailed benchmarking studies to organizing seminars and events focusing on the promotion of exports or the attraction of investment to a country, region or city.

Why Choose ISA to Provide Economic Development Support?

  • ISA understands the trade and investment trends that will impact your country, region or city, both over the near-term as well as over the long-term.
  • ISA has a long and successful history of supporting the efforts of government organizations in their efforts to boost economic growth and attract businesses and investors.
  • The costs associated with ISA's Economic Development Services are tiny when compared with the benefits derived from this support.
  • As global competition for foreign investment and export markets intensifies, those places that develop sound strategies for promoting growth will be in the best position to succeed.

How to Have ISA Provide You With Economic Development Services

If you would like ISA to assist you with any of its Economic Development Services, let us know what your objectives are, and we will provide you with a series of free proposals detailing how ISA can help you to boost exports and increase investment in your country, region or city.

To learn more, contact ISA at research(at)