International Business Reviews from ISA


ISA has developed ISA International Business Reviews to allow businesses to more accurately assess their presence, performance and future prospects in international markets.  ISA International Business Reviews have helped many of the world’s most successful businesses to assess and quantify their actual performance in markets all around the world.

The Two-Stage Process

The Research Component

The first part of an ISA International Business Review consists of the compilation of various performance metrics for a business’ presence and performance in each international market in which it is present, or which it hopes to expand.  Then, ISA determines the position of the business in each international market.

The Presentation Component

After ISA measures the performance and opportunities for the business in each international market, ISA presents its findings either at the business’ offices, online or as a report.  The business then has the option of having ISA update its findings on an annual basis, and presenting them each year.

What is Measured

Presence in International Markets

ISA measures a business’ presence in each international market to determine whether or not the business has room to grow on the market, or faces the prospects of stagnation or saturation in each market.

Performance in International Markets

Afterwards, ISA measures and compares the business’ relative presence in each market in which it operates, giving the business a more accurate view of its relative performance in each international market.

Growth Potential in International Markets

Having measured a business’ presence and performance in each international market, ISA then assesses the business’ true growth potential in all international markets, including those in which the business is yet to operate.

Opportunities and Risks in International Markets

To summarize the International Business Review, ISA then determines and assesses the key opportunities and risks for the business, both in terms of its overall international presence and in each individual international market.

How International Business Reviews Can Help Your Business

  • ISA gives businesses the opportunity to have a neutral third-party view of their presence and performance outside of their home market.
  • ISA has helped many of the world’s most successful businesses to measure their performance in international markets.
  • ISA has also helped many businesses to determine their most important opportunities and risks on a global basis.
  • Business’ have the opportunity to query ISA’s findings and to speak directly with ISA’s experts and analysts as the review is being conducted, and after it has been presented.

How to Order an International Business Review from ISA

If you would like to order an ISA International Business Review for your business, contact us at research(at)