ISA Global Advisory


ISA provides advisory services to businesses and governments in a variety of industries and markets.  These services are designed to enable our clients to maximize the potential, and minimize the risk, of operating in all types of overseas markets.  With ISA Advisory Services, you receive personalized support and advice, allowing you to tap into ISA's vast expertise in developing international market strategies.

ISA Global Advisory Examples


ISA provided UEFA (Football’s governing body in Europe) with detailed economic, political and sports infrastructure benchmarking for all of the countries bidding to host the European Football Championships in 2008, 2012 and 2016.  ISA’s host benchmarking was utilized by all of the voters that selected the hosts of each of these tournaments.


ISA provided Coca-Cola with advice, action plans and customized reporting on environmental and sustainability issues in international markets all around the world.  ISA identified environmental and legislative threats to Coca-Cola's business and provided support on how to overcome these challenges to the firm's business in more than 120 international markets.

Components of ISA Global Advisory Projects

Strategic Planning

ISA works together with hundreds of organizations around the world to assist them in developing strategic plans for improving their position in international markets and enabling them to utilize ISA's vast experience and knowledge-base in developing global strategic plans.

SWOT Analysis

ISA provides many of its clients with detailed analysis of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks in international markets.  Thanks to ISA's vast knowledge of global markets, our clients are able to identify important issues and trends and to prepare for them faster than their competitors.

Market-Entry Support

For organizations seeking to expand into new international markets, ISA provides a range of services, including identifying the right markets for their business, developing a strategic plan for entering those markets, and finally, assessing their performance in these new markets.

Global Policy

ISA works together with many of its clients to identify potential policy changes in a number of fields that could impact their business, including election, regulatory and legislative changes.  Furthermore, we work together with our clients to formulate strategic responses to these changes.

Why Choose ISA Global Advisory Services

  • ISA has an unparalleled track record for helping businesses to create strategies that have allowed them to dramatically improve their position and performance in international markets.
  • ISA's advice is trusted by many of the world's most successful businesses and government organizations, a testament to ISA's ability to deliver results.
  • With ISA, you receive an assessment of your business and its plans for international markets that is not clouded by biased thinking or an internal view of your specific situation.
  • There are a wide variety of services that ISA can provide for your organization, giving you the opportunity to benefit from ISA's support in a number of different ways.

How to Have ISA Provide You With Advisory Services

If you would like ISA to provide you with advisory services, contact us today.  If you provide us with the objectives that you would like to achieve, we will be happy to create a free series of proposals for you, enabling you to choose the advisory services that best meet your needs.

To learn more, contact ISA at research(at)