ISA On-Site Services


ISA's On-Site and Speaking Services are designed to bring the expertise of ISA's leading analysts and experts directly to your office or corporate event.  On-Site services give you direct access to ISA, at the location of your choosing. With ISA's Speaking Services, you determine the location, the forum and the topics to be presented to you by ISA's team of experts and analysts.

Example: Hilton

ISA regularly provides speakers for Hilton's global and regional management summits, supporting Hilton's feasibility, planning and analysis projects in markets all around the world.  ISA presents its outlook for the global economy and international risk, and fields questions from Hilton management.

Example: Vita-Mix

In addition to our customized research for Vita-Mix, we provide them with annual on-site presentations covering the economic, political and trade outlooks for their key international markets.  In addition, we engage with Vita-Mix leadership in long Q&A sessions dealing with the factors impacting their international business.


ISA provides seminars to organizations seeking to understand more about the factors impacting their business in international markets.  The topics and the structure of these seminars are chosen by our clients and can last from two hours to two days.


ISA regular makes presentations at corporate or industry events, or to individual organizations.  These presentations range from the standard ISA Global Economic and Risk Outlook to topics chosen specifically by the event organizer.

Educational Events

ISA provides teaching services to businesses, governments and universities seeking to have ISA share its vast expertise in international markets with its members or students.  This can range from an individual lecture to an entire lecture series spanning months or years.

Q&A Events

ISA conducts straight-forward question-and-answer sessions with many of its clients, giving our clients the opportunity to pose questions directly to ISA experts that are timely and relevant to their business, industry or the markets in which they operate.

Why Choose ISA to Provide On-Site and Speaking Services

  • ISA's On-Site and Speaking Services give you and your colleagues the opportunity to have direct contact with some of the leading experts in the fields of international economics, geopolitical risk and more.
  • These services are an invaluable tool for your organization as they give its members the opportunity to learn more about the growth markets of the future.
  • ISA's On-Site and Speaking Services have been utilized for many years by many of the world's best-known businesses, governments and universities.
  • With these services, you have the option of customizing them to cover the specific issues and topics that you feel will best engage your audience.

How to Have ISA Provide You With On-Site and Speaking Services

If you would like ISA to present at your next business meeting or industry event, let us know.  We will provide you with a series of proposed topics and formats so you can choose the options that best fit your needs.

To learn more, contact ISA at info(at)