A Proven Methodology

ISA utilizes hundreds of local, national and international news and information sources for the creation and maintaining of all ISA reports and forecasts.  Each news and information source is regularly checked to ensure accuracy and impartiality. 

ISA analysts constantly monitor all sources of news and information to provide up-to-the-minute coverage for all of the countries and regions we cover.

ISA maintains a large research library and database that contains all of the data and analysis used in creating ISA reports and forecasts.

Keeping Abreast of the Events Impacting Your Business in International Markets

ISA’s ability to constantly monitor a vast array of news and information sources allows ISA to keep constant watch on the issues and events impacting today’s and tomorrow’s world.  This news and information is then used in the creation of ISA’s reports and forecasts.

  • Local, National and International Sources
  • ISA's Experts and Analysts
  • ISA's Research Library and Global Database

ISA's Proven Methodology

How ISA's Methodology Benefits Our Clients

ISA goes to great lengths to ensure the accuracy and relevance of our reports, forecasts and research, and this benefits our clients in a number of ways, including:

  • Giving them the confidence that the information, data and forecasts they receive from ISA is the most accurate and insightful publications and research on the market
  • Allowing them to be sure that ISA's team of experts and analysts has used every reliable and unbiased source of information to create ISA's reports, forecasts and customized research
  • Enabling them to have access to the methodology that has provided the most accurate economic and political forecasts to thousands of the world's leading businesses, governments and universities for the past two decades