3 January 2023

January 2023 Report and Forecast Updates

ISA has released all of its January 2023 updates for its monthly reports and forecasts. This month's updates include the latest information on the geopolitical and economic implications of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the outlook for individual country economies in 2023 and the chances that inflationary pressures continue in the coming year.

The January 2023 updated editions of the following reports and forecasts from ISA are now available:

  • All ISA Country Reports
  • All ISA Region Reports
  • All ISA Economic Forecasts
  • All ISA Risk Forecasts
  • The ISA Commodity Price Forecast
  • The ISA International Market Potential Database

For organizations with a Comprehensive ISA Subscription, all of these January 2023 updates are available on the Subscriber Space on the ISA website.

To order the January 2023 versions of individual ISA reports and forecasts, visit the ISA Online Store.