ISA's Range of Reports and Forecasts

Country Reports

ISA Country Reports provide users with up-to-date and insightful analysis of the political, economic, demographic and environmental situations in individual countries. These reports are updated monthly and are available in Microsoft Power Point or .pdf formats.


Region Reports

ISA Region Reports provide similar coverage to ISA Country Reports, but from a regional perspective. Eight unique regions are covered by these reports, providing users with a concise and thorough overview of the issues and events affecting these regions.


Economic Forecasts

ISA Economic Forecasts provide both historical economic data as well as detailed economic forecast data. These forecasts are available in Microsoft Excel or .pdf formats for easy use by our clients.


Risk Forecasts

ISA Risk Forecasts provide up-to-date analysis of the risk factors impacting individual countries and regions, including economic, political, demographic and environmental risk. These forecasts are available in Microsoft Excel and .pdf formats.


ISA Global Update

The ISA Global Update is released every week, providing up-to-the minute coverage and analysis of the key issues and events of the past week. Moreover, each ISA Global Update is filled with economic forecasts, political insights and a wealth of data and charts that can be easily integrated into your work.


Research Briefs

ISA Research Briefs provide readers with a detailed analysis of key political and economic issues and events that are impacting the world today and in the future.  Two to four ISA Research Brief are published each week.


Why Choose ISA's Reports and Forecasts?

The world's leading organizations utilize ISA's wide range of reports, forecasts and research publications to help them to make informed decisions when operating in international markets.  ISA's reports and forecasts not only give their users a clear and concise view of the current economic, business and political situations in international markets, but they allow their users to understand how these markets will develop in the years and decades ahead.  

Find out why thousands of businesses, universities and governments subscribe to ISA's various reports and forecasts to help them understand the international markets in which they operate.

Up-to-the Minute Forecasts and Analysis

ISA's reports and forecasts are updated continuously, with all Country Reports, Region Reports, Economic Forecasts and Risk Forecasts released on a monthly basis.  This gives ISA's subscribers access to up-to-the-minute coverage of the key issues, trends and developments that are impacting more than 200 markets around the world.

Easy-to-Use Reports and Forecasts

ISA reports and forecasts are designed to be easy-to-read for ISA subscribers, while they are easy to integrate into our subscribers' own reports, newsletters and presentations.  This is why all ISA reports and forecasts are available in multiple formats, so that they meet your specific needs, while saving you time and money.

How to Order ISA Reports and Forecasts

Your organization can order ISA Reports and Forecasts in three ways:

  • You can order individual Country Reports, Region Reports, Economic Forecasts and Risk Forecasts directly from the Online Store on this website.
  • You can order Regional Reports Packages that include all of the reports and forecasts for eight individual regions (such as South America) from the Online Store on this website.
  • You can set up a Comprehensive ISA Subscription for your entire organization that includes unlimited access to all of ISA's international reports and forecasts at a major discount off of the standard price of ISA's reports and forecasts.  You can learn more about this option on the Comprehensive ISA Subscription page on this website.