ISA Research Briefs

ISA Research Briefs provide readers with a detailed analysis of key political and economic issues and events that are impacting the world today and in the future.

Each ISA Research Brief is designed to allow you to understand why these important issues and events are taking place, and how they will impact your business, and the world, in the coming weeks, months and years.

Examples of recent ISA Research Briefs include:

  • “Has Europe’s Economic Recovery Peaked?”
  • “Ranking Export Markets in Latin America”
  • “The Sunni-Shiite Cold War”
  • “The Four Most Dangerous Flashpoints in East Asia”
  • “The Indian Ocean as the Next Great Manufacturing Center”

ISA published two to four Research Briefs each week, and they are available exclusively to ISA subscribers. 



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Free Sample: ISA Research Brief: Export Growth Markets