Examples of Recent ISA Research Briefs

Economic Briefs

  • The Ten Leading Economic Risks for the 2020s
  • What if the Chinese and Indian Economies Don't Bounce Back?
  • The Countries Most at Risk From a Global Trade War
  • Finding Growth for Exports Amid a Slowing Global Economy

Trade & Investment Briefs

  • Trade and Investment Issues to Watch in the Coming Year
  • Why do Trade and Investment Growth Rates Remain Depressed?
  • The Next Trade Wars
  • International Trade as a Weapon

International Affairs Briefs

  • The G2 Century
  • The Global Balance of Power in 20 Years
  • Can Russia be a 21st Century Superpower?
  • Does Brexit Matter?

Political Briefs

  • The Political Crisis in the West
  • The Outlook for the 2020 Presidential Election in the United States
  • The Elections to Watch in the Coming Year
  • Presidential and Parliamentary Democracies Struggle to Adapt to the Modern World

Security and Defense Briefs

  • The Most Important Geopolitical Events of the Past 20 Years
  • Is West Europe's Post-1945 Peace Coming to an End?
  • The Leading Security Threats for the Next Year
  • Asia's Most Dangerous Flashpoints

Other Briefs

  • The Economic Impact of Rising Sea Levels
  • Choosing a Location for a Regional Head Office
  • The Globalization of the Sports Industry
  • Africa Needs Dramatic Political and Economic Change

What is Included

ISA Research Briefs provide readers with a detailed analysis of key political and economic issues and events that are impacting the world today and in the future.

Each ISA Research Brief is designed to allow you to understand why these important issues and events are taking place, and how they will impact your business, and the world, in the coming weeks, months and years.

Upcoming ISA Research Briefs

Economic Topics

  • Can Africa become a key growth market for businesses and investors?
  • Will the US economy follow Japan and some European economies towards long-term stagnation?
  • Can productivity gains offset demographic and investment declines?

Geopolitical Topics

  • Is a US-China Cold War inevitable?
  • Europe's Struggle to Regain its Strategic Autonomy
  • China and Russia Seek to Create Regional Blocs

How to Order ISA Research Briefs

ISA Research Briefs are delivered to you via e-mail, with two or three Research Briefs being published each week. Each ISA Research Brief can be sent to additional members of your organization at no additional charge.

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