What's Included in the 2022 ISA Global Economic and Risk Outlook

A Look Back at 2021

  • The Continued Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • The Recovery of the Global Economic Recovery
  • The Rivalry Between the United States and China
  • A Shifting Global Balance of Power

The Impact of Covid-19 in 2022

  • The Continuing Spread of the Virus and its New Variants
  • The Outlook for Vaccine Distribution
  • The Outlook for Further Lockdown Measures
  • Timing for a Return to Full Normality

The Economic Outlook for 2022

  • The Economic Outlook for All Major Economies
  • The Potential for an End to the Recovery
  • The Outlook for International Trade and Investment
  • The Main Economic Risks of 2022

Geopolitics in 2022

  • The Leading Geopolitical Risks of 2022
  • The Retrenching United States
  • The Outlook for 2022's Most Important Elections
  • The Impact of Geopolitics on the Global Economy

Key Issues to Watch in 2022

  • The Threat of a Worsening Labor Shortages
  • Weaker Economies Face a Long-Term Struggle
  • The Outlook for International Trade and Investment
  • The Outlook for Productivity Growth

Long-Term Trends to Watch

  • Demographic changes
  • Rising protectionism and nationalism
  • Sluggish productivity growth
  • The impact of environmental changes

How the 2022 ISA Global Economic and Risk Outlook is Presented

  • As an online webinar to your organization or group
  • As a keynote speech at your conference or event
  • As a roundtable discussion including in-depth discussions with the audience

Highlights from the 2022 ISA Global Economic and Risk Outlook

Economic Highlights

  • The global economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic remains highly uneven, with some economies struggling to return to pre-pandemic levels of output.
  • More competitive economies with a strong presence in high-tech and high-growth industries have returned to growth much faster than other economies.
  • Governments will struggle to cope with the huge deficits that resulted from the economic stimulus measures enacted during the pandemic.
  • The center of global economic power will continue to shift towards the Asia-Pacific region, even as economic growth in China fails to return to earlier levels.
  • Declining working-age populations, an uncertain outlook for trade and investment, and falling productivity growth rates will make it more difficult to generate long-term economic growth.

Geopolitical Highlights

  • The growing rivalry between the United States and China will come to dominant many aspects of the global geopolitical climate.
  • China's growing assertiveness in Asia and further abroad will result in more countries working together to counter China's rising power.
  • There will be a series of interesting elections taking place in 2022, including those in the United States, Brazil, Australia, France and South Korea.
  • Political polarization and the fragmentation of politics will make it increasing difficult for stable governments to be formed and to remain in power in many parts of the world.
  • Conflict risk will remain dangerously high in many parts of Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and East Europe in 2022.

Have the 2022 ISA Global Economic and Risk Outlook Presented to Your Organization or Event

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