ISA Country Reports

ISA Country Reports provide detailed coverage and analysis of the political, economic, demographic and environmental issues and trends in 120 individual countries.

Each ISA Country Report is designed to provide you with the information needed to make informed strategic business decisions in international markets.

Moreover, each ISA Country Report provides you with detailed economic and political forecasts that give you the insights you need to anticipate the changes that can impact your business, both in the near- and the long-term.

All ISA Country Reports are continuously updated and released every month.  In addition, ISA Country Reports are available in Power Point and PDF formats in order to allow you to easily integrate each report into your presentations, memos, newsletters and other forms of corporate communications.

ISA Country Reports Include:

  • Near-term and longer-term outlooks
  • Highlights of recent issues and developments
  • Analysis of the country’s political system and government
  • Analysis of the leading political parties and influences in the country
  • Overview of recent elections
  • Assessment of the key political risks facing the country
  • Overview of the country’s international relations
  • Assessment of the country’s economic growth prospects
  • Overview of the key segments of the economy
  • Analysis of the country’s international trade and investment situation
  • Near-term and long-term economic forecasts
  • Overview of the country’s labor force
  • Analysis of the country’s attractiveness as an export market
  • Analysis of the country’s investment attractiveness
  • Assessment of the key economic risks facing the country
  • Overview of the country’s demographic situation
  • Analysis of key demographic issues and trends
  • Overview of the country’s environmental situation
  • Assessment of the key demographic and environmental risks facing the country

Free sample: February 2019 Turkey Country Report