What's Included

Recent Events

In-depth and timely coverage and analysis of the most recent political, business, economic and other events in that region.

Regional Politics

Analysis of the issues and trends driving political change in each region, including an analysis of all of the national and regional elections within that region.

Regional Relations

Analysis of relations between the various countries in each region, including the key disputes and flashpoints impacting the region’s stability.

Regional Economics

Detailed economic data, analysis and forecasts covering individual countries within the region as well as the key economic issues and trends impacting that region.

Trade and Investment

Analysis of each region’s key international trade and investment relationships and the outlook for growth for exporters and investors in each region.

Market Analysis

In-depth coverage of the leading opportunities and risks presented by that region’s market, including estimates of the market potential of the region.

Regional Business

An assessment of the prospects for doing business in that region, including comparisons of the various countries within that region.


Analysis and data of that region’s population, including its population forecasts, the characteristics of its population, as well as key demographic issues and trends.


An assessment of the key environmental issues and risks facing that region and how these issues will impact the region over the longer-term.

How ISA Region Reports Add Value to Your Business

  • A wealth of information, data and analysis for each region and the individual countries and markets in the region
  • A focus on the key issues and trends impacting each region
  • Detailed comparisons of the countries that comprise each region
  • Timely analysis of the key economic trade, investment and geopolitical issues in each region
  • Easy to use and integrate information, data and graphics from each report

Region Reports Available

Central and South Asia

East Asia and Pacific

East Europe

Middle East and North Africa

North America

South America

Sub-Saharan Africa

West Europe

How to Order ISA Region Reports

Your organization can order ISA Region Reports in three ways:

  • You can order Regional Reports Packages that include all of the reports and forecasts for eight individual regions (such as South America) from the Online Store on this website.
  • You can set up a Comprehensive ISA Subscription for your entire organization that includes unlimited access to all of ISA's international reports and forecasts at a major discount off of the standard price of ISA's reports and forecasts.  You can learn more about this option on the Comprehensive ISA Subscription page on this website.