ISA Risk Forecasts

ISA Risk Forecasts provide assessments and scores for a variety of risk factors for each country within eight unique regions:

  • Central and South Asia (16 countries)
  • East Asia and the Pacific (21 countries)
  • East Europe (20 countries)
  • Middle East and North Africa (20 countries)
  • North America (15 countries)
  • South America (11 countries)
  • Sub-Saharan Africa (40 countries)
  • West Europe (18 countries)

Each ISA Regional Risk Forecast covers six key areas of risk:

  • Domestic political risk
  • International political risk
  • Domestic economic risk
  • International economic risk
  • Environmental risk
  • Demographic and social risk

Each ISA Risk Forecast is continuously updated and released every month. All ISA Risk Forecasts are available in Excel and PDF formats in order to allow you to easily integrate each report into your presentations, memos, newsletters and other forms of corporate communications.

In addition, all countries use the same risk rating format in order to allow you to compare risk in each country in the forecast.

Free sample: October 2018 Central and East Europe Risk Forecast